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Coriolus versicolor

Coriolus versicolor /Polytictus vesicolor/Trametes versicolor Coriolus versicolor, also called

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Coriolus versicolor /Polytictus vesicolor/Trametes versicolor
Coriolus versicolor, also called as “Butterfly fungus,” grows on the dead hardwood in various forms all over the word. It is not edible, but could be specially planted for beneficial purpose.
Application Fields

Coriolus versicolor primarily on the following effect:

- Bacterial infection
- Virus infection (influenza, herpes)
- Strengthen the immune system, prevent infection
- Various types of cancer (hormone dependent prostate cancer, bladder, breast, ovary, skin, liver, lung, esophagus, leukemia, lymphoma, intestine, brain, tumor metastasis)
- To reduce the side effects of chemotherapy
- Diabetes
- Rheumatology
- Upper respiratory infection, bronchitis
- Candida invasion
- Liver dysfunction, hepatitis (chronic, acute, A, B and hepatitis C)
- Hypertension
- Enteritis
- Failure, chronic fatigue
- Gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer
- Coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction
- Skin diseases, warts
- Migraine
- Edema
- Tinnitus
- Menopause disease
Ingredients and Medical Effects
China traditional doctors advised taking Coriolus versicolor to increase the functions of liver and spleen, clear away heat and detoxify, reduce phlegm, and treat cancer, chronic hepatitis, fatigue and infection in the upper respiratory tract.
On all pharmacodynamic studies, two kinds of polysaccharides relating to protein were separated from this fungus: PSP and PSK, proved that they could enhance immune system and inhabit tumor. Japan Health Association formally approved in 1977 that PSK was the first kind of cancer medication extracted from fungi, for Coriolus versicolor could inhabit cancer growth and tumor for the treatment of lung cancer, prostate cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, oesophagus cancer, leucocythemia, lymphoma, encephaloma, tumor for a long time. This fungus is also effective for all kinds of inflammations and infections besides anticancer effect. The clinical study confirmed that Coriolus versicolor could improve cell resistance by means of increasing leucocyte, lymphocyte, monocyte, macrophage, marrow cells, NK cells. Coriolus versicolor has the effect to destroy bacteria and fungi for viruses such as El Brucella bacteria, staphylococcus, strep, Candida mycoderma, Klebsiella, listeriosis and Toxoplasma. Another point to emphasize is the effectiveness of anti-virus (Aids virus, hepatitis virus, Cytomegalovirus). In addition, Coriolus versicolor could obviously improve the quality of life for Aids patients and make them feel less fatigued. It has special effect to treat liver, and it could make liver recovery and restore liver cells, also could significantly alleviate the symptoms of Hepatitis A, B, C and cirrhosis.
PSK played a major role on antioxidation, avoiding damage and reducing angiogenesis. 

Coriolus versicolor also could reduce uncomfortable and dangerous side effect of traditional treatment including chemotherapy, which has rapid effect to treat hemopoietic suppression and mucosal injury. In addition, PSK should not affect the efficacy of drugs according to a study。
Experience Examples
Quality of life is much more improved for HIV infectors and AIDS patients
"I could hardly believe that my diagnostic result of HIV proved positive. Since then I started to pay attention to Coriolus versicolor, now I feel that my quality of life is much more improved and I feel more energetic …"
The result of blood test came as a knock-down blow to me: AIDS, I lost much my weight, my health was very frail, and my physical condition was much damaged in the hospital. Finally I chose the beneficial fungi to take, I felt much better after taking Coriolus versicolor extract capsule. I hope I could completely overcome the situation of abatement of immunity.
To be of help to Candida mycoderma
"The therapist for health care confirmed that I have been infected by Candida mycoderma, I took treatment of two months with Coriolus versicolor extract capsule and Ganoderma lucidum extract capsule, now I feel that I am quite well, all these are due to fungi."
Herpes were fewer
"I got herpes on my lips this year for many times because of the infection of influenza virus, then I took two spoonful Coriolus versicolor extract powder a day, and up to now, I have no suffered from it, so I am so happy!"
Warts were disappeared
"I have had many warts in my legs, however they were completely disappeared after taking Coriolus versicolor extract capsule for two weeks."