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We Supply

Cordyceps mycelia powder
Mushrooms  powder                                                                                                              
 (Fruit body and Mycelium)                                                                                                       
Fungi & Mushrooms  Extract                                                                                                       
 (Beta-glucan and Polysaccharide)                                                                                                  
Mushroom Supplements OEM                                                                                                     
(Capsule and Instant tea bag)
System Certifications
HACCP            ISO9001
HALAL             GMP
We have standardized mushrooms
fruiting bodycultivation base and first
-class liquid fermentation production
line of mushrooms Mycelia .
We are located in QingYuan,
which is called mushroom town
and No.1 ecological environment
County of China.
We belong to HuQingYuTang group.
It is one of the traditional Chinese
medicine giant in China and it was
founded 140 years ago.
We have been exporting mushroom
extract for nearly 30 years.
 Fungi & Mushrooms
Cordyceps  sinensis  Mycelia
Organic Maitake
 (Grifola frondosa)
Organic Shiitake
(Lentinus edodes)
Organic Reishi
(Ganoderma lucidum)
Agaricus blazei
Lion's Mane (Hericium)
Coriolus versicolor
Trametes versicolor
Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)
Polyporus umbellatus
Oyster mushroom
(Pleurotus ostreatus)
Flammulina velutipes
Poria cocos
Agaricus bisporus
Tremella fuciformis
Auricularia polytricha
Dictyophora indusiata
Phellinus igniarius
Auricularia auricular
Coprinus comatus
(Shaggy Mane)
Antrodia camphorata
Antrodia cinnamomea
Cordyceps  militaris
KNOW  US    
Zhejiang Fangge Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd  
(The Leader in Medicinal Fungi Industry in China)
High-quality products rooted in beautiful landscape
Qingyuan, a county located in southwestern part of Zhejiang Province, is surrounded by rolling mountains, murmuring streams and dense fog. As a county with the best eco-environment in China, it has a forest coverage of 86% and a negative oxygen ion level of two hundred thousand per cubic centimeter.With a history of artificial shiitake mushroom cultivation which can be traced back to more than eight hundred years ago, this county has the reputation as ��source of global shiitake mushroom��and ��shiitake mushroom city of China��.
In this ancient mountain city embraced by fresh air and green scenery, there is a national high-tech enterprise. It is Zhejiang Fangge Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, a medicinal fungi manufacturing enterprise in Hu Qing yu Tang Group.
Advantages in planting, manufacturing and R&D
"Taking fungal essence and seek life quality". For the past twenty-eight years, Fangge has been adhering to Wu Sangong��s mushroom history and culture. Based on exceptional ecological advantages, the company is devoted to organic cultivation of medicinal mushrooms and R&D of refined products.Establish standardized planting bases for various kinds of medicinal fungus such as grifola frondosa and ganoderma lucidum, which obtain organic certification of EU and USA. Safety and efficacy of product is effectively controlled from the source.
Manufactured from GMP-level drugs and health care products extraction and production lines in class-100000 clean workshop, all products pass HACCP food safety guarantee system, QS certification, ISO 9001 certification, Kosher, Halal and health inspection & quarantine registration for exportation.
Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. Talents provide core competitiveness to enterprise. Each year, Fangge Pharma introduces professional talents from colleges and universities. In 2007, a Provincial High-Tech Enterprise Research and Development Center for Deep Processing of fungi was set up in Fangge. In 2009, Fangge Pharma became the first ��National High-Tech Enterprise�� of Qingyuan County. The company undertakes many national, provincial, municipal and county-level science and technology projects, establishes a public service platform for export inspection of edible mushrooms, and promotes industrial development based on science and technology programs.
Contribute to society with excellent services
"Green waters and mountains are treasures". Being thankful to the society, the company follows the government��s eco-development strategy of ��seeking dreams and preserving health in Town of Mushroom-Qingyuan��. It actively creates a health-preservation service system integrating mushroom cultivation & admiration, research & development, marketing and ecotourism, and provides diversified new modes of health preservation experiences like Qingyuan eco-tour, mushroom culture tour, visit to green factories, and characteristic rural inn. Interesting mushroom culture communication, scientific health preservation ideas, organic genuine materials and advanced manufacturing techniques all make consumers have more trust in the brand of Fangge.
Goal and development direction
Enjoying favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions, the company introduces fermented products such as cordyceps sinensis mycelium to provide material guarantee for development of new products. Aimed at creating the best brand of medicinal fungi in China and even in the world, Fangge Pharma will continue to improve marketing model and combine chain stores of Fangge Pharmacy with international market development. Through expanding domestic and oversea markets both online and offline, the company will offer customers convenient and quick services. We strongly believe that Fangge Pharma will have a better future!