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Polyporus umbellatus

Polyporus umbellatus Polyporus umbellatus, is usually grown densely in clusters in the ground o

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Polyporus umbellatus
Polyporus umbellatus, is usually grown densely in clusters in the ground of oak and fagus woods. In general, it contains more than 100 receptaculums with the weight of 20kg. Polyporus umbellatus mainly shall be found in Asia and also can be found in the forests of German but very rare. Its putamen scleroticum (felttissue, for adverse environmental condition) of underground can be used for medical values.
Application Fields
Fungi treatment of polyporus umbellatus shall be applied in:

- Excreting (potassium excluded), edema
- Lowering cholesterol.
-Regulating blood pressure, good effect on diastolic blood pressure (the second count of blood pressure)
-Improving skin structure
- Enhancing immune system and preventing infection.
- Cancers (lung, liver, prostate, leukemia).
- Enhancing cardiac function.
- Tumors.
- Barysomatia
- Hemorrhoids.
Ingredients and Medical Effects
Polyporus umbellatus contains ergosterin, alpha hydroxy tetracosane acid (acid?), biotin (a kind of vitamin B complex), polysaccharide and polypeptide, and it’s also rich in cellulose and minerals. The ingredients of minerals mainly include: calcium, potassium, iron, and trace elements such as manganese, copper and zinc. Manganese can be used to regulate growth and is closely related with enzymes, nervous system function and skeletal strength. Copper is related to the formation of erythrocyte, enzymatic functions and skeletal growth. And plenty of zinc could have impact on the release of insulin.
Polyporus umbellatus has a strong diuretic effect, mainly used for excreting. In addition, it also could improve skin structure, flabby muscle tissue, sweat pore to stretch and easy urination during pregnancy mentioned in Chinese traditional medicine, and used for the help of treatment on edema, diarrhea and jaundice. Modern medical tests have proved these experiences handed down from Chinese ancient times. Taking polyporus umbellatus can improve the effect of excreting, natriuretic and ammonotelic effect, almost the same treatment effect compared with drugs (such as Ethacrynic Acid). But the key difference is that drugs always have the shortcoming of increasing potassium excreting, because potassium is related to many important functions of human tissues.
This fungi extracts also have the effect on tumor inhibition and are very famous, the reason is that it has interference factor on DNS of tumor cells. It could improve the recovery based on the research for the patients suffering from leukemia and lung cancer. In addition, taking polyporus umbellatus also enables to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.
Experiences Example
Reduce blood sugar

My aunt, 80 years old, suffers from edema and high blood pressure. But only one month up to now, I can tell you that the effect of polyporus umbellatus is very prominent. My aunt even does not need to take the medicines for regulating blood pressure. significant improvement and good physical condition can be seen from her…