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Cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps sinensisIn Chinese, Cordyceps is also known as Chinese caterpillar fungus, grows in the Qi

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Cordyceps sinensis

In Chinese, Cordyceps is also known as Chinese caterpillar fungus, grows in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 3,000-5,000 meters above sea level.Cordyceps price is extremely expensive,the price can reach 4000 U.S. Dollars per kilogram. Different from other fungus, the natural nutrition source of Cordyceps is not a timber or other plants, but a worm.Fungi, invade insects body and kill them in the ground, and outgrow finger-shaped pouch finally.Scientists have been engaged in the research of artificial cultivation of Cordyceps for long time, because of its natural production is far from meeting the needs of the world! People are able to cultivate Cordyceps mycelium now.Fortunately, it also contains the active ingredients of Cordyceps.
Sexual satisfaction is one very important part of healthy living , and is closely related to human health.To this end, anonymous survey was performed about sex life frequency on the various age.After taking Cordyceps and Agaricus, the frequency and satisfaction increased significantly .It is worth emphasizing that those older people who originally selected in the reply, "I can not remember" or "no sex" , the frequency of sexual activity has increased after taking the fungus more than three months.

Application Fields
Cordyceps could be applied in:

- Rapid muscle recovery (for example, in the intense sport)
- Sexual dysfunction, increasing libido
- Stress response
- Adjuvant treatment of cancer (lung, prostate)
- Chemotherapy to reduce side effects
- Increase immunity, AIDS
- Increase efficiency and improve endurance problems
- Detoxification
- Rheumatology
- Lipodystrophy
- Sleep Disorders
- Overweight
- Fear, anxiety,
- Asthma
- Tinnitus
- Bronchitis
- Strengthen the immune system, prevent infection
- Depression
- Chronic fatigue, exhaustion syndrome
- As a natural antibiotic treatment of bacterial inflammation
Composition and health effects

In addition to various vitamins and trace elements, the Cordyceps also contains main amino acids and high nutritional value of the polysaccharide.Now It has been confirmed that it contains cordycepin, Ophicordin, galactomannan, and Cordyceps can enhance the immune system, antibacterial and anticancer properties.
Cordyceps is a very good type of health fungus.According to Chinese medicine records, it can enhance the function of lung and kidney, but also body recuperation and energy refreshment and .Cordyceps can stabilize the impulse, and to clear phlegm and blood.Tt is also effective in the treatment of fatigue, cancer, rheumatism, respiratory diseases, inflammation, insomnia and irregular menstruation .In addition, Cordyceps can increase the blood's oxygen content.
Various beneficial effects of Cordyceps on the human body's has been widely spreaded for centuries, and in recent years, numerous studies have proved this.Chinese medicine in particular, It has been used as aphrodisiac ( is the same with women) or as the mothod of increase long haul powder of sex , it has been confirmed from the study of Beijing medical department. The first test group members taking the natural Cordyceps extract, 31% had significant improvement in sexual life; the second member of the group taking the cordyceps mycelium extract, there was significant improvement in the rate of more than 65%!

Although the Mechanism of Action has not been clearly understood now, but the view of effect produced by the fungal components, determine that its role is based on reproductive organs at least.Research shows that Cordyceps can affect our nervous sensor control system.For example, it can stimulate the adrenal cortex, releasing incretion, and take it can cure depression.This also explains why in addition to enhance capabilities and it also has good effect to depression.The similar to black spots hypericin ,Cordyceps can inhibit a specific enzyme (MAO monoamine oxidase), and this enzyme can cause depression precisely. 
Research confirmed that Cordyceps has strong antibacterial effects and can stop the growth of Clostridium ssp, but will not affect the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus.

In the study also shows that it can significantly improve the natural killer cells and macrophage activity, thereby Cordyceps is also importantin in the treatment of cancer, AIDS .

Players also like to take cordyceps because of its performance-enhancing effect.Chinese Olympic athletes always take Cordyceps for the purpose of quickly restoring the fatigue caused by training and improving competition results! Scientists have conducted a study on it, and think that Cordyceps on the function of respiratory and cardiac gain is one of the reasons to improve athletes efficiency and endurance at least.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is also used to treat anemia and high cholesterol, daily dose is not more than six capsules.Cordyceps also has the function of promoting liver metabolism, it can prevent the formation of liver fibrosis because of cystic plug.


Experience reports

Heavy metal detoxification

Mr. F took Chinese Cordyceps,Shiitake and Reishi, then he can sleep quietly, and had stronger endurance on stress reaction.In addition, he originally also suffered from the metal poisoning (mercury, lead, copper), the immune system fell under a very large violation.Now his physical resistance resumed in virtue of the three fungus.

Help treat dysmenorrhea

"For a long time .there flows the troublesome and foul blood before and after mensesi. Since I took 1 to 2 times Cordyceps extract capsule daily, quickly restored orderliness. But not the pain absolute (no breasts [thorn] pain ,no abdominal cramps). I think this is the reason to use the fungus. "

Greatly increased self-confidence

"Cordyceps help me overcome the inferiority complex. My self-confidence increased from zero to one hundred percent!"

Increase muscle strength and endurance
Athlete G who was engaged in vigorous exercise judo, taking Cordyceps and Ganoderma G regularly, he considered that this could make muscle recovery faster .Now he felt more strength and more endurance.
Finally no longer so tired

"What would happen if you have been in a trance state? After using Cordyceps (3 times a day, 2 capsules each time) ,I have become energetic and ... ... "
Satisfaction with sex life

"I started taking the Cordyceps capsule before three weeks, 2 capsules per day. Now I already feel the effect! What I can do is continue to recommend ... ..."
Adjust internal secretion, strengthen the immune system

"... ... Using the Cordyceps, Shiitake and Reishi ,my daughter's hair loss situation has improved, her own feeling is very well. My husband's blood pressure has not changed, but I believe because of taking too short. and our family have not suffered from cold again, this is certainly what it means ... ... "