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Lentinus edodes

Lentinus edodes (Shiitake Mushroom) Lentinus edodes (Shiitake) is the king of fungus and it is

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Lentinus edodes (Shiitake Mushroom)
Lentinus edodes (Shiitake) is the king of fungus and it is the world's largest edible fungus.Ancient chinese people spoke highly of the Chinese Shiitake mushroom due to its incredibly health effects.
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), a doctor wrote: "This fungus which as medicinal materials is able to maintain healthy, it can treat colds and to increase circulation."

Metabolism can not work if there are no minerals,trace elements and vitamins,and nervous system will fail.The situation of the lack of protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements can be improved through using Fungus Food.
Application Fields
Confirmed, shiitake mushroom is particularly effective on the following conditions:

- Atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol
- High blood pressure and blood disorder
- Prevention of myocardial infarction
- Poorer physical defense
- Gout, uric acid reduction
- Digestive organs, liver and pancreatic cancer
- Lung cancer, ovarian cancer and leukemia
- Chemotherapy to reduce side effects
- Arthritis
- Rheumatology
- Bronchitis
- Strengthen the immune system, prevent infection
- Chronic adult syndrome
- Diabetes
- Allergic reactions
- Ulcer
- Autoimmune diseases
- Migraine
- Tinnitus
- Hepatitis B
Ingredients and health effects
Shiitake is rich in minerals and vitamins, including iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, vitamin B (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin), folic acid and provitamin D (ergosterol).The mainly ingredient for the treatment of diseases is polysaccharide, especially the role of the lentinan which has the function of eliminating tumor; and protein, mainly referring to Eritadenin, it can lower cholesterol.

Since about 2000 years ago, shiitake was a kind fungus which had a wide range of health effects referred to numerous documents and data.In China and Japan, as well as the United States in modern times, shiitake or shiitake extract is in-depth applied to the adjuvant treatment of cancer and has achieved remarkable results.
Related research confirmed that:

"... ...Shiitake contains Eritadenin which can drive the level of cholesterol in plasma down naturally, research shows that it will slow the synthesis process of cholesterol and lipoprotein in liver. So this make the excretion of cholesterol faster ... ..." In short, cholesterol levels (possibly fatal LDL [low-density lipoprotein]!) was significantly lower, while the "good" high-density lipoprotein levels increased!

"... ... Anti-virus effect had already been explained in the 70's . Shiitake extract can enhance mouse resistance to influenza virus infection. Increased virus is suppressed by the enhanced interferon ... ..."
The data obtained from mice experiment in 70s, and now has been confirmed in humans again.The efficient inhibition of virus due to the shiitake RNA.It can be as strong interferon and increase resistance when the virus infection. The anti-tumor effect of Shiitake Mushroom is mainly due to lentinan - a kind of polysaccharides.It is mainly constituted by β glucan, which can let a variety of tumors which transplanted into mice disappeared completely.And this is only several effective components of Shiitake, far from all.For the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis, Shiitake is also effective.It also can eliminate pain and movement difficult, and it may make body a full recovery.
Experiences Examples
No need medication

"For 30 years I have been very independent and ... ... received Heart bypass surgery, the result that cardiodynia situation escalating ... ... have purchased a large quantity of drugs, such as: β-blockers, nitro agents and diuretics ... ...I started taking shiitake extract capsule from a year ago : the pain disappeared and blood pressure returned to normal. I have stopped my medication and returned to the work ability of appropriate age . "

Shiitake ease my pain

Due to the damage of hand and finger joints,Mr.D lost the ability of work and had been joint pain for years.Now he is taking the shiitake extract capsule termly and is able to work again, but without pain ... ... "I'm so lucky. Although no cure for arthritis, but I've not been in pain - and that thanks to shiitake."

Improved cholesterol levels

Ms. E,her cholesterol level was sky-high (total value of 249mg/dl), so she intended to make what can help to her health.After taking shiitake extract for two months, not only the total value of cholesterol dropped to 226mg/dl, but also more important that the value of triglycerides had fallen to 70mg/dl,also LDL reduced to 124mg/dl.The "good" high-density lipoprotein up to 87.4mg/dl in surprise .

Thanks shiitake to cure liver cancer

April 2002, Ms. L was diagnosed with a malignant liver cancer.She received chemotherapy, which made her very upset (almost can not walk, so weak). Vocal cord squeezed by Tumor made her only "scream."After chemotherapy (September start), she ate 1 kg of fresh shiitake weekly,until she found shiitake extract capsule.She insisted on taking two capsules daily, the effect is: she held dog for a long walk each day,the sound restored same as ever and tumor had also been healed. It should be once fluoroscopy one month after operations, but it only 7 weeks once.Her doctor did not understand the process of her recovery because she did not received chemotherapy once again.She said that without the shiitake fungus that she can not regain vitality.
No longer arrhythmia

Mr. D knew shiitake from a favorite film.Because her cholesterol level is too high,he consumed the tea which is made from shiitake and reishi,and shiitake extract capsule every day;but without drugs.His physical condition is in good form at the moment.He was also deeply troubled by cardiac rhythm disorders previously,but he believes that fungus can help her to cure arrhythmia.

Shiitake can be taken to prevent various infections

When Ms. H suffered from an inflammation of the throat and cold or head inflammation,then she took 2-3 shiitake extract capsules immediately.Therefore,each time, the infection occured and it would eliminate after a few hours in the past three years.

"I use reishi and shiitake to conduct a health treatment every fall, From then on and I never caught a cold. While I was often suffering from cold ago . And I never got a vaginal bacterial disease. Now I let my daughter to eat fungus, I believe she will spend a life of no disease. "
Strengthen immune system

Ms. M took shiitake extract capsule after the treatment of breast cancer to prevent recurrence and strengthen her immune system.She felt a marked improvement in her physical condition and she is very happy now.She said: "My immune system is normal now!"

Mr. A was a doctor, he used reishi to enhance body function and use shiitake to prevent virus infection.Left a deep impression to he is two leukemia.Unfortunately, both of them received the treatment in their illness advanced stage , so unfortunately both of them passed away.Shiitake extract capsule increased their the count of white blood cell, also updated the laboratory data, and their overall health is more stable and more dynamic.

Mr. S took shiitake extract capsule to increase his resistance, he felt very energetic.And his friend took shiitake extract capsule after gastric surgery, now feeling much better than before.

Adjunctive therapy of chemotherapy

Ms. A was recommended to take maitake extract capsule and shiitake extract capsule after chemotherapy and radiation therapy of bronchial cancer. She felt that the situation of whole body had markedly improved 14 days later, she was excited about the unexpected effect.Today she is still very healthy, she is very grateful for The taking of these fungus.

Mr. G said that his mother-in-law (80 years old) was affected with breast cancer.Because she can not be performed an operation and only can take chemotherapy pills,mistletoe injections and take Shiitake extract capsule.Cancer has no cure, but the situation has improved.To her joy, her overall health is going well.

Treatment of hypertension

For the treatment of high cholesterol and high blood pressure, Ms. W took shiitake extract capsule (2 capsules), Hericium erinaceus extract capsule (2 capsules) and Ganoderma lucidum powder (2 tsp) daily .This combination of fungus consumedly helped to reduce the dose of β-blockers.In addition, she found that he was no longer so easily tired, and energy and strength have become more abundant after taking some time.
Unlimited power

To treat hypertension, obesity, overweight and high cholesterol,Ms.H took shiitake extract capsule (1 capsule) and reishi extract capsule (1 capsule) daily. She said she felt boundless power, and almost no fatigue.But she had little sleep because take this, so turn to take fungal powder now.Easy hunger didn't attack again after taking two days, and she no longer felt hungry as before, the effect of improvement reached 200%.Strong effect fungus was very helpful to the stress response , she said.

Improvement of blood supply

62-year-old, Mr. P has been in bed for a month.Considered to be performed necrosis (caused by the vascular occlusion of abscess , with pollution) surgery.The leg blood supply has clearly risen after taking shiitake extract capsule about 5 days.Toe color back to normal and the overall health status has gradually resumed.Now do not need further surgery.

Uric acid levels decreased
On 30 patients with gout study shows that taking shiitake extract capsule after 14 days, more than 90% of the patients their uric acid level decreased.In another test group (17 women and 13 men, age is between 32 to 79) taking shiitake extract capsule more than 16 days, the younger subjects were 92.4% of people their uric acid content decreased, while the elderly subjects there were 100% of uric acid content decline.

Finally there is a way to deal with a migraine

"By taking the shiitake extract capsule (twice daily, 2 capsules each time) my migraine disappeared. I am very gratefuland I will continue to take it to prevent recurrence."
Prevention of cold

"it is an excellent suggestion by eating fungus capsule to prevent cold. The people who work with me all fell sick with cold one time but me,only because I have been 'brave' taking shiitake extract capsule. Then I believe its effect absolutely. Do not immediately select chemical medicine,the best is to choice fungal extract products. This choice is more healthy and better, and it has no side effects. What can I recommend for you is only fungal products. "