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Grifola Frondosa

Grifola Frondosa (Maitake Mushroom) Grifola Frondosa (Maitake),is called as “dancing fungi” and

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Grifola Frondosa (Maitake Mushroom)
Grifola Frondosa (Maitake),is called as “dancing fungi” and also interpreted as “rattle-drum fungi” which is attributable to its growth patterns. In china, above 95% of Maitake with dual purposes of taking as medicine and food is growing in Qingyuan. China and modern US both have conducted research in its high health values and widespread application.
In ancient times, maitake was above price. Its growing place completely depends on the nature because the method of planting fungi was not available at the time, and the places are kept strictly and passed on from generation to generation by “insiders”.
Application Fields
Maitake could be applied in:
-Adjunctive treatment of cancers (mastocarcinoma, cancer of pancreas, ovarian, skin, liver, lung, prostate and gastric cancer)
-Reducing the side effect of chemotherapy
-AIDS virus infection
-Hepatitis, and protecting liver function
-Arteriosclerosis (regulation of blood pressure and blood coagulation)
-Enhancing immune system and infection prevention
-Myocardial Infarction, coronary vascular
-Intestine dryness
Ingredients and Medical Effects
It should be noted that maitake contains numerous ergosterins which are the basic substances for synthesis of vitamin D. The health function of maitake is attributable to dextran and polysaccharid such as grifolin, and other protein and exogenous lectin related with metal ingredients. And so-called D-fractions extracted from maitake are especially effective. It has been proved by scientific research that taking maitake extracts with alcohol could lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol content with water.
Dr. Nanba Hiroaki, is an immunologist and chief professor of microbiochemistry of Kobe Pharmaceutical University, in the mean while, he is the member of Cancer Research Institute of Japan and New York Academy of Sciences. He conducted deep research in maitake and widespread application and cured many patients, and also used it as preventive treatment for some patients. He has ever said that maitake is not only used to prevent and stop cancer, it also can be used to treat cancer and other serious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis. This kind of fungi enables to enhance immunity and alleviate adverse effects due to chemotherapy. Maitake acts in synergy with chemotherapy take good effects. And it could be effectively applied in the treatment for hypertension and diabetes.
The complement of fungi treatment is necessary in case of chemotherapy, which can enhance immune system. For many patients did not fear of the cancer itself, but lose to those of relative harmless infections, chemotherapy has already weaken the immune system resulting in failed resistance to these infections. In addition. it could greatly improve the quality of life in the period of chemotherapy and after the treatment, because it can obviously reduce the side effects such as alopecia, weakness, anxiety and no appetite etc.
National Cancer Institute of US has confirmed that maitake is effective on AIDS pathogens. And National Bureau of Health Care of Japan also shows that, D-fractions of maitake through test-tube experiment can inhibit that helper T-cells caused by AIDS virus were killed, with the effect up to 97%. We can guess that perhaps it could completely prevent the infection, formation of AIDS virus, and is significantly slow at least in the future.
A clinical study on 165 patients at the age from 25 to 65 suffering from advanced cancer showed that, 73% patients with mastocarcinoma, 67% patients with lung cancer and 47% patients with liver cancer achieved the results of tumor inhibition and improved the symptoms obviously through the treatment of D-fractions of maitake. If we use maitake extracts combined with chemotherapy, the effect should be up to 12% to 28%, and also made success for the treatment of prostate cancer. But for gastric cancer, bone cancer and leukemia, the effect is somewhat slight.
Experiences Examples
Success in cancer treatment
Ms H, started to take maitake and mushroom extracts to improve health and prevent other cancer cells combined with chemotherapy at the same time, after resection of colorectal and liver cancer in intestinal operation, and achieved good effect with great satisfaction, in the forthcoming radiotherapy, she continued to take these two kinds of fungi and agaricus blazei murill in good physical condition, and without any restriction due to chemotherapy! She can enjoy more quiet environment and get recovered gradually seen from the blood values.
Help to treat renal calculus and pains on sacrum
Ms R, suffers from pains on sacrum with calculus. She felt better after taking maitake extracts, but more painful in the event of stopping extracts after one week.
Adjuvant chemotherapy
As a therapist for health care, I have much experience in application of beneficial fungi, and usually adopted fungi as adjuvant method for cancer treatment——mainly use maitake for metastases from mastocarcinoma. The effect of chemotherapy is also better correspondingly without strong side effects. The patients can obviously feel more healthy.
No more tumors
Ms E, tried to seek for an adjuvant treatment in the period of chemotherapy on tumors of lung to reduce the side effects, finally she chose fungi for use. She said that she really felt better after taking the extracts of maitake and mushroom, no more tumors and tumor inhibition. And she didn't have any infection in winter and are very satisfied with the treatment effect.
No pains on intestine dryness
I felt very painful with intestine dryness, and had to go to toilet for 20 to 30 times in the day time. After a therapist for health care suggested me taking maitake tablets and I never felt painful for one month, which meant the improvement of life quality, and defecating returns to normal.
Success in osteoporosis treatment
I am 45 years old, usually get fractured, conducted hormone therapy but with slight effect. Once I heard that maitake has good curative effect on osteoporosis at a report meeting, and started to take maitake from then on. Through the examination on bone density after two months, detected count is much better; my bones can absorb calcium, and I become healthy.
Reduce weight by 30kg in one and a half year
Ms S, with overweight, diabetes, high cholesterol and bad renal function. All doctors failed to help her with the diseases. Finally she found beneficial fungi information from internet, here the results giving us instructions. During this period, her cholesterol and renal function returned to normal, and reduced 30kg in one and a half year in good physical condition (she took maitake, hericium and glossy ganoderma tablets, and extracts from cordyceps sinensis).