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The Era of mushroom

The Era of Edible Fungi has arrivedEdible fungi belongs to Macrofungi, generally,fleshy,non-toxic an

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The Era of Edible Fungi has arrived

Edible fungi belongs to Macrofungi, generally,fleshy,non-toxic and can be eaten, commonly known as mushrooms, is a kind of green food with nutritional value and health-care function.
Scientists warn:“No immunity, no life”; Studies have shown that all the Macrofungi (Eedible fungi), almost without exception, have the ability of activating and strengthening the body’s immune cells, significantly improve immunity, enhance the human disease resistance and anti-tumor, which are attributed to “Fungi polysaccharides”.It is an active high-molecular compound, It plays an significant role in promoting the human body’s immunity. The achievement of the role is mainly health care of the human cells. The body’s internal organs, tissues and organs are made up of cells. Cell is the body’s smallest unit of life, and its function was normal or not,directly related to human health, therefore, If would like to human health, normal cells must be kept. The outside of cell membrane covered by a layer of polysaccharide protein, polysaccharide protein has the function of protecting cell and transferring nutrients into the inside of cell and so on. If the lack of polysaccharide on the cell membrane, the cell’s normal function will be damaged.
Experts suggest that man should eat plenty of mushroom and the mushroom products of deep processing, so,in the 21st century ,era of vigorous protein is bound to give way to the era of edible fungi, edible is bound to be people's attention.

The Application Forms of Edible Fungi

Edible fungi is not only delicious food, but also has significant health care and medicinal value, scientific extraction of edible fungi polysaccharides and other active ingredients, making the application of edible fungi becomes more extensive and the effect is more significant.
1. Capsule preparation,
2. Instant tea
3. Liquid tonic taken orally
4. Injection
5. Cosmetic and other daily cosmetics
6. Added to general food
7. Tablet
8. Drops
9. Health vino
10. (Flavoring) essence
11. Soup powder
12. Cooking of fresh or dried mushroom

Our advantages

1. Our company is located in the Holy Land where has a suitable temperature and humidity of mushrooms growth.
2. We have abundant capital and scientific cultivation techniques.
3. We have natural pollution-free wood which needed to mushroom cultivation.
4. Mushroom is the dominant local industry, government give maximum all-round supports.
5. We have a professional team of R & D and deep processing.
6. We have professional advanced production lines.
7. We have rich experience of mushroom marketing.

Our goal

1. To make the edible fungi industry bigger and stronger.
2. Supply credible and significant effect products
3. Professional and fast marketing services.
4. Deeply explore the mystery of edible fungi health treatment.