Plant & Herbal Extract

We belong to Huqingyutang group, We have many factory which produce many different kinds of herbal/p

  • Product Specification
We belong to Huqingyutang group, We have many factory which produce many different kinds of herbal/plant extract.

The extractions as follow:
Angelica (Dong Quai) Extract
Yeast Extract
Astragalus Root Extract
Black Cohosh Extract
Citrus Aurantium Extract
Epimedium Extract
Grape Seed Extract
Green Tea Extract
Hawthorn Fruit / Leaf Extract
Kudzu Extract
Milk Thistle Extract
Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract
Red Clover Extract
Rhodiola Rosea Extract
Salvia miltiorrhiza Extract
Schisandra Chinensis Extract
St. John's Wort Extract
Tribulus Terrestris Extract
White Willow Extract
Artichoke Extract
Burdock Extract
Chaste Tree Extract
Cinnamon Bark Extract
Cnidium Fruit Extract
Echinacea Extract
Ginger Extract
Horsetail Extract
Magnolia Cortex Extract
Nettle Extract
Pomegranate Extract
Wolfberry Extract
Lucid Ganoderma extract
Siberian Ginseng Extract
Wild Yam Extract
Pine Bark Extract
Saw palmetto Fruit Extract
Shitake Mushroom Extract
Codonopsis Root Extract
Maitake mushroom Extract
Dioscorea Nipponica Extract
Curcuma Longa Extract
Polygala tenuifolia extract
Eucommia ulmoides extract
Momordica Grosvenori Extract
Bupleurum sinensis extract
Soy extract
Dandelion Extract
Mushroom Extract
Flaxseed Extract
Corn Silk Extract
Chinaroot Greenbrier Rhizome Extract
Sanchi extract
Asiatic plantain Herb Extract
White peony root extract
Desertliving Cistanche Herb Extract
Loquat Leaf Extract
Catclaw Buttercup Root Tuber extract
Boswellin extract
Pomegranate rind Extract
European Hop Flower Extract
Lalang Grass Rhizome Extract
Sanna Leaf Extract
Figwort Root Extract
Cherokee rose fruit extract
White Mustard Seed Extract
Chinese Dodder Seed Extract
Balsampear Fruit Extract
Swordlike Atractylodes Rhizome Extract
Cushaw Seed Extract
Obtuseleaf Senna Seed Extract
Oat Extract
Gotu Kola Extract
Pilose Asiabell Root Extract
Cholla Stem Extract
Mulberry Leaf Extract
Mulberry Twig Extract
Mulberry Fruit Extract
White Mulberry Root-bark Extract
Silktree Albizia Bark extract
Stiff Silkworm Extract
Mongolian Snakegourd Fruit Extract
Chinese Waxgurd Seed Extract
Siberian Cocklebur Fruit Extract
Chinese Arborvilea Seed Extract
Cristina Loosestrife Herb Extract
Lophatherum Herb Extract
Jujube Extract
Aharpleaf Ucaria Stem with Hooks Extract
Doubleteeth Angelica Root Extract
Szechwan Lovage Rhizome Extract
Sessil Stemona Root tuber Extract
Bamboo Shavings Extract
Safflower Extract
Tatarinow Sweetflag Rhizome Extract
Chinese Clematis Root and Rhizome Extract
Commom Floweringquine Fruit Extract
Dried Longan Pulp Extract
Chinese Taxillus Herb Extract
Chinese Ephedra Herb Extract
Balloonflower Root Extract
Olive Leaf Extract
Glossy Privet Fruit Extract
Seed of Asiatic plantain Extract
Pepperweed Seed Extract
Indigowoad Leaf Extract
Tonkin Sophora Root Extract
Common Achyranthes Extract
Costusroot Extract
Great Burdock Fruit Extract
Medicinal Morinda Root Extract
Chinese Gentian Root Extract
Langehead Atractylodes Rhizome Extract
Ternate Pinellia Extract
Radix Rehmanniae Extract
Tree Peony Root-bark Extract
Tuber Fleeceflower Root Extract
Psoralea corylifolia L. P.E.
Indigowoad Root Extract
Chinese Bushcherry Seed Extract
Wenchow Turmeric Root Tuber Extract
Japanese Honeysuckle Flower Bud Extract
Fineleaf Schizonepeta Herb Extract
Common Andrographis Herb Extract
Common Selfheal Spike Extract
Chinese Thorowax Root Extract
Blackberrglily Rhizome Extract
Figwort Root Extract
Amur Corktree Bark Extract
Chinese Goldthread Rhizome Extract
Ma-yuen Jobstears Seed Extract
Wild Mint Herb Extract
Siberian Solomonseal Rhizome Extract
Great Burdock Root Extrac
Thinleaf Milkwort Root Extract
Spreading Hedyotis Herb Extract
Capillary Wormwood Herb Extract
Lalang Grass Rhizome Extract
Densefruit Pitany Root-bark Extract
Divaricate Saposhnikovia Extract
Heartleaf Houttuynia Herb
Manchurian Wildginger Herb
Rhubarb Extract
Indian Buead Extract
Common Fenugreek Seed
Dwarf Lilyturf Root Tuber Extract
Wudcekery Seed Extract
Coriander Herb Extract
Snakegourd Root Extract
Fortune'SDrynariaRhizome Extract
Malaytea Scurfpea Fruit Extract
Chinese Ivy Stem Extract
Perilla Leaf Extract
Semen Cannabis Extract
Sharpleaf Galangal Fruit Extract
Potentilla anserina L.Extract
Songaria Cynomorium Herb Extract
Pinellia Tuber Extract
Bitter Apricot Seed
Macrocarpium Fruit Extract
Simpleleaf Shrub Chastetree Fruit Extract
Siberian Cocklebur Fruit Extract
Adhesive Rehmannia Root Tuber Extract
Goldenrod Extract
Bacopin Extract
Suberect Spatholobus Stem Extact
Shrubalthea Bark Extract
White Kidney Bean Extract
Florists Sendranthema Extract
Wormwood Leaf Extract
Tangerine Peel Extract
Cactus Extract
Alisma Extract
Alfafa Extract
Angelica Root Extract
BaikalSkullcapRoot Extract
Motherwort Herb Extract
Christina Loosestrife Herb
Snakegourd Root Extract
Chinese Taxillus Herb
Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb Extract
Chinese Cinnamcn, Cassia Bark Extract
Cape Jasmine Fruit Extract
Wild Mint Herb Extract