High-purity compound mushrooms extract capsule

Product name High-purity compound mushrooms extract capsuleProduct license Q/ZJFG03-2008Hy

  • Product Specification

Product name High-purity compound mushrooms extract capsule

Product license Q/ZJFG03-2008

Hygienic certificate (Zh)WSZh (2008)331126100011

Spec. 300 mg * 120 capsules per bottle


Cordyceps extract 100 mg
Reishi extract 100 mg
Maitake extract 50 mg
Agaricus blazei extract 50 mg

Product function

- Strengthen immune system, prevent infection
- Anti-fatigue
- Improve the effect of sleep
- Enhanced renal function
- Enhanced liver function
- Support 
and adjuvant therapy of cancer 
- Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Suggested Use

Preventive health care: 2 capsules 1 time daily.,per bottle can be taken for 60 days.
Sub-health conditioning: 4 capsules 1 time daily.,per bottle can be taken for 30 days.
Super Healing: 4 capsules 2 times daily.,per bottle can be taken for 15 days.

The product advantages

Raw materials used:
Cordyceps, it is from solid state fermentation,not from liquid state fermentation.The growth cycle
of solid state fermentation is about 16 times as liquid fermentation, so it accumulated more active
ingredients, and the structure of effective composition are much more complex and with diverse
and intensified effects on cells. So the Cordyceps extract which from solid-state fermentation is
more affluent and more potent.

The cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), Agaricus blazei, Grifola frondosa (Maitake)
imitate the wild growth,so the active ingredients come from those mushrooms with natural
formula,but the fermentation of mushroom does not natural.Mushrooms extract which
concentrated from cultivated mushroom are better than from fermentation.Let us call the
cultivated mushroom as mushroom fruit body and fermentation mushroom as mycelium.There are
much more mushroom finished products encapsulated with mushroom mycelium extract.Why
does the mushroom fruiting body extract is better than mushroom mycelium extract?
The molecular weight of polysaccharides of fuit body is bigger than mycelium's and fruit body
polysaccharides with more complex structure and most of them are Beta glucan.But the mycelium
polysaccharides with lower molecular weight and simple structure.The mycelium polysaccharide
with much more a-type polysaccharide.Some more trials show that mushroom polysaccharide with
big molecular weight has good health care effect and the beta structure polysaccharide play the
main role of treatment.

100% pure mushrooms extract with high purity
The product has not been added any external source of matter,there are much more low cost
products in market. Those products added amylum and dextrin,so the products with little health
care effect because of little active ingredients inside,so it is a cheat to customer.

How is the product?

Cordyceps extract, the polysaccharide content is higher than 50%, Adenosine content is higher
than 1.2%, Mannitol content is higher than 20%.
Reishi extract, 50 mg reishi alcohol extract and 50 mg heat water extract.Both of the
extraction ,their extract ratio is 50:1.That mean, using 50 kg reishi mushroom to concentrate to get
1 kg reishi alcohol extract and using 50 kg reishi mushroom to get 1 kg reishi heat water
extract.Reishi alcohol extract rich in triterpene and Reishi heat water extract rich in
polysaccharides.Mixed the two extract together with the ratio of 1:1.
Maitake extract, Using the fruit body of maitake ,its concentration ratio is 25:1.The maitake
extract is rich in big molecular weight protein-polysaccharide,which is the main composing of
maitake D-fraction.
Agaricus blazei extract, Using the certain gowth period of the mushroom fruit body to concentrate
to get high molecular weight Agaricus blazei protein-polysaccharides.Its extract ratio is 25:1.

Friendly remark

**The products are free of sugar,salt,corn,yeast,wheat,soy,gluten,rice,dairy, and animal products
and without the use of artificial preservatives,flavors or colors.
**Vegetable capsule shell,this product is suitable for vegetarians.
**Daily Value (DV) not established
**To assure the freshness and potency,store in cool,dry place with the lid tightly closed.
**Manufactured in FDA approved facility by:Zhejiang Fangge Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
**China's Largest Edible & Medicinal Mushroom Deep Processing Enterprise.
**GMP.HACCP and ISO9001 certified pharmaceutical factory.
**The company is national high-tech enterprise.

How is the role of mushroom

Scientists warn:“No immunity, no life”; Studies have shown that all the Macrofungi (Eedible
fungi), almost without exception, have the ability of activating and strengthening the body’s
immune cells, significantly improve immunity, enhance the human disease resistance and
anti-tumor, which are attributed to “Fungi polysaccharides”.It is an active high-molecular
compound, It plays an significant role in promoting the human body’s immunity. The achievement
of the role is mainly health care of the human cells. The body’s internal organs, tissues and organs
are made up of cells. Cell is the body’s smallest unit of life, and its function was normal or
not,directly related to human health, therefore, If would like to human health, normal cells must be
kept. The outside of cell membrane covered by a layer of polysaccharide protein, polysaccharide
protein has the function of protecting cell and transferring nutrients into the inside of cell and so
on. If the lack of polysaccharide on the cell membrane, the cell’s normal function will be

Benificial fungi are not an insoluble mystery, as a matter of fact, they contain many beneficial
ingredients and have been proved by scientific research, which are able to keep us healthy and
help us get recovery without side effects.

Fungi are used for the treatment of disease sources rather than symptoms. There are some
differences between fungi treatment and modern medical treatment, to be precise, fungi treatment
is conducted to help us keep recovery by re-establishment of homeostasis, which needs the
homeostasis of many "ingredients", such as: minerals, trace elements, microorganism, enzymes,
hormone, water, electrolyte and immune cells etc. Therefore, fungi treatment is applied in wide
ranges for regulating appetite, digestion, spirit, cholesterol, diabetes, vascular disease, blood
pressure and allergies, etc.

Only resistance to normal, we can stay healthy. Health fungi can stimulate β-glucan such as a
variety of immune cells: lymphocytes T and B, auxiliary T cells, macrophages, natural killer cell
generation and can increase the specific prohibited substances such as interferon and
interleukin-the released, with that they can control and enhance immunity. Intestinal tract are part
of the immune system. Fungi can enhance the beneficial intestinal flora, promoting digestion,
intestinal detoxification and maintain the natural balance of microorganisms.

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