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Mushroom products OEM

We supply follow Edible and Medicinal mushrooms products OEM:Natural MushroomGrifola frondosa(Maitak

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We supply follow Edible and Medicinal mushrooms products OEM:

Natural Mushroom

Grifola frondosa(Maitake mushroom)
Lentinus edodes (Shiitake mushroom)
Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi mushroom)
Agaricus blazei (ABM mushroom)
Cordyceps sinensis
Hericium erinaceus
Coriolus versicolor
Polyporus umbellatus
Poria cocos
Pleurotus ostreatus
Flammulina velutipes
Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Mane)
Pleurotus citrinopileatus
Agrocybe aegerita
Agaricus bisporus
Tremella fuciformis
Auricularia auricular
Marasmius androsaceus
Phellinus Igniarius
Phaeoporus obliquus

Our company as a legitimate enterprise which has been dedicated to R&D,production and sale of mushroom products,with GMP certification and HACCP certification of food.We have been serving our customers with Medicinal and Edible mushroom products OEM at home and abroad for many years. We have a wealth of experience,we can finish the works from products design to sale together with our clients, guaranteed that the products can be sold to the terminal market smoothly.

Product type:Health care food


Type of preparation: Capsule form and Instant tea.


Standard and related works:

The clients of China Mainland,we can provide the number of Food Enterprise Standard and Food Sanitation License used on the mushroom products.

Overseas clients,under both sides joint effort to complete the related works, guaranteed that the products can be transported through the customs legitimately and smoothly,to provide documents for customs clearencethe, to complete products registration work and get the right of legalistic trade in the country ,to do further works promotes the product quality and the credit.


Raw material: The main use of our mushroom powder and extract,with multi-species and multi-standard,that is,many different mushrooms and each mushroom extract with different active ingredient content.According to customer request to design formula. We may recommend the effective formula to supply the choice, which suits the different type of health care and the top level demand.


Bottle and cap:

May pursue the specific material and shape for the customer, if needs to open new mould, we need to consult with the factory to make sure the minimum order quantity and the related expense, the costs incurred by the customer required a one-time payment.


Hollow Capsule: We can fill 0 # and 00 # size capsules,Using Vegetable capsule or Nomal capsule,The capsule with HALAL PRODUCT CAERTIFICATE, the capsule factory is well-known in china, capsule quality is guaranteed.


Label,tea bag and small box: We can help you to print with your design.We cooperate with the printing factory whom with good printing quality.


Desiccant: According to customer request,If need to print Logo on desiccant, the costs incurred by the customer required a one-time payment.


There are three ways of capsule form products sale. First, Bulk capsules packed in drum.Second,Capsules filled into bottle with no bottle label pasted.Third, Finished product.


There are two ways of instant tea form products sale.First,Bulk small bags packed in carton or drum.Second,Finished product.


Product export:We export our products through our local CIQ test.We can supply the products' CIQ certificates,Health Certificate,Sanitary Certificate and Phytosanitary Certificate.


Packaging material management:

Customized packaging material, we have established requisitioned from the store system and the professional storage system. Ensure that the packaging material does not drain and lost.


Inspection and record work: Has the perfect food safety control system, the testing of raw material to be up to (the) standard then enter the production process and finished products will be tested according to specific standard carries on testing,after qualified, allowed to leaving factory. The establishment of traceability systems, product traceability, can easily find the source of each batch of raw materials used and detailed records of production. Building product samples kept system for on a regular observation and testing.



After-sales service and communication: To ensure that keep good after-sales service and actively listen to customers suggestions and opinions.


Security work: Our company strictly keeps secret of the cooperation information of both sides