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The Elegance Of the Dragon Boat Festival Is Hidden In A Sachet

Date:2023-6-9 10:48:43   

The Dragon Boat Festival originated in ancient China and is a traditional festival in China. The date is on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year.

Speaking of the Dragon Boat Festival, in addition to the sweetness of glutinous rice dumplings, there is also a hint of cool grass and trees in the air, which is the long taste of the ancient sachet.

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The ancients believed that the day of the Dragon Boat Festival is the most likely to be attacked by evil things, especially the frail elderly, children and women are more likely to be harmed by diseases and ghosts. Therefore, wearing a sachet contains the good wishes of the ancients to pray for blessings and auspiciousness, and to dispel evil and ward off evil.

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The sachets made by Hu Qingyutang Group use more than a dozen aromatic and refreshing Chinese herbal medicines with strong volatility. Following the ancient method, these Chinese herbal medicines are ground into powder and packed in peach blossom paper bags, which are made of silk cloth, elastic wadding and other materials.

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Not only does it smell delicious and pleasant, but it can also refresh the mind, dispel evil spirits, repel insects, prevent moths, etc. In addition, the sachets of Hu Qingyutang Group are different in shape, exquisite and cute, and have always been loved by everyone. They have also become souvenirs for friends on festivals.

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The sachets made by Hu Qingyutang Group are all aromatic and refreshing Chinese herbal medicines with strong volatility.

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Therefore, in addition to refreshing the brain, dispelling evil spirits, repelling insects, and preventing moths, it is also excellent for expressing emotions. Seal the sachet when not in use at ordinary times, so as not to let the fragrance evaporate. The smell of a sachet can last for a long time! Wearing a sachet on the body, we can regain the sense of ritual that traditional festivals should have, and continue the expectation of thousands of years. We have never forgotten the inheritance of culture!

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