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Have you ever tasted fruity mushrooms?

Date:2024/6/5 15:49:48   

It can be picked in 8 days, harvested twice within 20 days, and can be planted 9 times a year! This fruity mushroom was discovered and developed by Tuligul, a member of the team of Li Yu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and a professor at Jilin Agricultural University, during a field scientific survey.


Fruity mushrooms belong to the Basidiomycota, Agaricales,Physalacriaceae, and the scientific name is Rhodotus palmatus (Bull.) Maire.

In early 2021, when conducting mushroom fruiting experiments in the laboratory, experts such as Tuligul found that this variety exudes a unique and rich fruity aroma during the mycelium and fruiting period, and secretes a golden orange-red juice-like secretion at the junction of the fruiting body stem and the cap. The secretion is slightly sweet and sweet. After the cap is cooked, there is a thick layer of rich colloid, the taste is crispy and sweet, and the secretion is sticky. After extraction and nutrient component testing, the results show that the variety contains high fungal polysaccharides, which have the effects of protecting the liver, moisturizing the intestines, detoxifying and nourishing the skin. It can be used in the food and beverage field and the cosmetics field, and has great development value.


It began to apply for a national invention patent in May 2021 and was authorized at the end of 2022. The technology is unique, creative and novel.

The fungal polysaccharide content of fruity mushrooms is as high as 22%, which has rich nutritional value and exudes a strong orange fragrance. All mushrooms on the market are unmatched.

Fruity mushrooms are named because the flesh has a light fruity fragrance, which is unique among existing edible fungi. According to Professor Tuligul, who has been engaged in taxonomic research for many years, this species is currently scattered in the Northeast, grows on the trunks of elm plants, and is a rare wood-rotting fungus. Fruity mushrooms are rich in fungal polysaccharides. After being boiled in water, the soup is thick and sweet (polysaccharides and other effective ingredients will be studied and published soon).

How do fruity mushrooms come from? Generally, natural selection, mutation breeding, and hybrid breeding are used to cultivate new varieties of edible fungi.

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Fruity mushrooms are unique. When they are packaged and sealed without contact with air, the color is dark. If they are taken out and exposed to air for 10 minutes or exposed to the sun for 5 minutes, they can restore their full and bright color.